2016 OGC Supreme All Star Cheerleading Team!

Certification: Our gym and coach are certified through USASF. Coach Karesa is certified through level 3 and she is currently working on certification through level 5. If you have any questions or you are interested, dedicated, and hard working, call our office at 360-698-7709.


Level 1: This group is just stepping into the all star competitive world and are beginning to learn everything a it means to be a first year cheerleader! This includes basic jumps and stunting along with tumbling and group bonding! We are always looking for members to expand our competitive team. This season we will be attending 7 competitions with 6 of them here in Washington and 1 in Portland, Oregon! 

Level 2: These athletes have requirements that must be met to compete at this level. They are a more advanced group that work on more advanced tumbling and stunting. They will be attending 10 competitions this season. Two of the competitions will be in Portland, Oregon!